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Robertson Memorial Library

Get a Library Card?

How to get a Library Card

How to Get a Library Card

All residents of C-1 Lafayette School District are eligible to become registered borrowers of the Robertson Memorial Library by complying with the following:

  1. New borrowers must provide verification of identity and current address. Patrons unable to provide address verification will be limited to 1 item.
  2. Residents of any age may become registered borrowers. A parent or legal guardian of an applicant under age 16 must sign the child’s application card. Library staff has the right to request age verification before a card is issued.
  3. The Robertson Memorial Library does not issue library cards. Please tell the check out desk your name and your information will be verified via the computer.
  4. No person shall abuse the library privilege issued by a public library by obtaining or attempting to obtain a library privilege by means of false identification or address.

Any material circulated by the Robertson Memorial Library may be borrowed by patrons without regard to age.

Library privileges are issued for two years. A patron with an expired library card will be asked to update current information.

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